Woman who married Trump’s mistress breaks silence

After five days of silence, the woman in the very first photo accompanying German newspaper Bild’s claim that Donald Trump had said “I do” to his longtime mistress is speaking. From Breitbart. The initial story, published by the publication and headlined “Bride of Trump: Porn Star Stormy Daniels,” also had a narrator who grew increasingly awkward about her situation. “Look, I know the moral questions behind the affair. They are paramount,” the narrator, who wasn’t identified, began. “But I can’t. I’ve been asked to stay silent. They tell me not to speak about Trump. So what can I say? I don’t have much to say.”

The narrator worked a reference to the “Cuckoo’s Nest” syndrome into the anecdote. “I stayed quiet,” she explained. “Because, what if, accidentally, I said something that would have ruined our lives? What if I were to say anything that could somehow threaten him? I didn’t even like to think about it.” And while she did not directly allude to the picture and dialogue included in the initial story, she did seem to allude to an item that appeared in The Daily Caller, in which a source said it was “very accurate” to assume the former porn star will eventually return to speaking to reporters. “Back when I made a deal, we didn’t think about the possibility of later signing it,” she said. “I signed it and sealed it and buried it. But you only can bury things when you’re completely finished with them.” In fact, the woman who Bild sources identified as Stormy Daniels met the President just four years ago at the National Convention of the Church of Christ.

On Thursday, journalist Brittny McGraw published a piece, which covered her time as an executive assistant for the president. “As a head of staff, I interacted with this woman seven to eight times a day,” McGraw wrote. “I never knew anything intimate about her.”

Read the full story at Breitbart.


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