The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

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A scientist with the power to make superhuman forms of thought has been stopped in his tracks by villains from the Spider-Man comic book series. When government agents unearth scientific experiments that are being spread across the world, a group of super villains called “The Blackout Club” attempt to gain control of them and the memory of a scientist trapped inside is the key to their plan.

Tony Revolori, Jacob Batalon, Jamie Chung, and Zendaya star in the eagerly anticipated film ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

AUSTIN KILGORE: A little reminder to you. Even though I have shown in past episodes of my show, you know sometimes you want to try and get a good synopsis, just so you don’t miss anything. So, I’m happy to unveil the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer right here.

With so many cameos, it’s got to be a busy episode of the podcast.

You think you can do better? I want to show you, oh, hello; Peter Parker. And he’s in trouble. It looks like the government is after this kid. There’s a set of goggles that looks like they’re really small-the size of a ball. It has a weird handle at the top. And again, something big is on him and he has to take to this orb, which looks a lot like a shiny egg thing. There’s headphones going on and… oh, it’s a lady. Well, this guy is struggling with this mask, so she’s not going to be anyone else, is she? Look, there’s action here. He’s in action, people are going to fight. This spider! Is she going to be this guy’s best friend? He’s wearing a t-shirt, so she has to know Spider-Man, is she?

And then Peter has to use his web-slinging abilities to show off this new kind of Spider-Man costume. We’ll take a look and see.

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