The Masked Singer Stars On FOX News Radio!

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We’re taking a trip to the top in this edition of TV OT.

Aspiring artists readying for a real-world audition on FOX’s “The Masked Singer” seeking the right voice to don their costumes, “Big Brother” offers new clues into this season’s most notorious head of household and…

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FOX’s Anna Kooiman reports on the reasons behind selling Sunset, “Big Brother” players including the 12 veterans and guest house guests and step-by-step how the coaches made a surprise appearance on this week’s “Dancing with the Stars”.

Plus, FOX’s Nick Valencia discusses Ed Sheeran’s plans to play an outdoor concert at the English World Heritage Site Stonehenge.

And, many of the hosts go live to the set of “Selling Sunset” to give you tips and tricks on that unforgettable… fun… and addictive reality series.

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