Sidewalk Fare: Can Cubans Ever Live Without Raul Castro’s Methods?

Last year Raul Castro’s regime made Cuba’s media smother its critics with muzzling censorship and muzzling arrests. Critics were threatened, imprisoned and incarcerated.

Lifted by the medium’s demise, censorship was replaced by verbal restraint. And still some went astray.

Raul’s heir leaves prison after ten years and does not know if his words can be seen by the world. His convictions were removed from his records. Whether or not others were misread out of his memoirs, the more liberal policies make it harder to predict his next move.

Raul may be waiting for Donald Trump to determine if a thaw in relations would be beneficial to the future of Cuba’s economic and social policy.

Raul Castro taught his own children to obey his decisions.

Raul and his family seemed to live in fear in the words and strategies he used to implement a policy of embracing dictatorship.

Cuba is watching his every word. Yet the intellectual anointed successor is distancing himself from Fidel’s legacy. “I don’t identify with my father’s model,” he once said.

Freeing dissidents may not be all it was cracked up to be.

They needed freedom to live. The dissidents need to speak out.

They are in need of freedom to eat.

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