Senate GOP passes new measles vaccine legislation

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What this means in terms of specifics is the FDA is lifting some of the clinical hold on the manufacturers new antiviral. Yes, that’s like lifting a red flag from a nuclear submarine. It may make you nervous if your routine “virus check” involves meeting with your doctor for this reason. However, with the development of new drugs, this approval should make it easier to evaluate which people are needed who do not have individual exceptions already out there.

For the people who do meet with their doctors, these new vaccines will be administered by inoculation with a single intramuscular needle and will likely be given twice, once in February, and again in May. The company will test efficacy for approximately 300,000 Americans at the start, with a more definitive decision made later.

The companies behind the new nasal spray have been testing intramuscular delivery of the drug as well as the oral spray. However, earlier last year, the company was looking at the former as the preferred nasal delivery method, simply because it would be quicker and easier to administer with one intramuscular injection compared to the oral spray.

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