Pope Francis calls for world leaders to use finance to address climate change, overpopulation

Pope Francis has, in his latest appeal to people around the world, called for political leaders to use the power of finance to move world finances out of the destruction of the environment. In a sermon given to young people participating in World Youth Day on Saturday, the pope said that the solutions to the crises posed by climate change and overpopulation “are found in the use of the most powerful force of money: private finance and the public markets.”

“As men and women of conscience, this generation should embrace the task of stopping these destructive trends, and not be ashamed of what we can do together to protect creation and our common home,” Francis said, according to the Vatican. “None of us can claim to have attained enough intelligence to choose without thinking, acting or creating. All must be responsible for the common good.”

The pope said that those actions would save society from exploitation, waste, and an ineffectual political system.

“The environment calls us to become ‘protectors’ of our planet, a point of reference to guide the moral change necessary in our lifestyle and to give path to a culture of care and ‘prosperity for all’,” the pope said.

“We must speak with a loud voice, so that men and women everywhere can hear us: love and concern for creation, environmental protection, and concern for the poor and excluded from society.”

Francis is the latest in a series of leaders to challenge humanity’s most recent actions.

In May, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the “scale and speed of global change is unprecedented,” adding that “our slow and selfish consumption and production patterns are a threat to the future of the planet.”

And on June 19, the European Union rejected efforts to use U.S. environmental regulation as a negotiating tactic, saying “we will not be blackmailed.”

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