Pet news: Miracle dog monika recovers from serious injuries

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A real-life Dalmatian pup has the odds stacked against her when it comes to making a full recovery after suffering serious injuries.

But despite being the target of bullies in Russia, a heroic stray called Monika is recovering in good spirits following surgery, BBC News reports.

Monika has been nicknamed the “Miracle Dog” after being struck by a car in central Russia earlier this year.

The little pup was left seriously injured when it was hit by a car in August 2017 and suffered both internal and external injuries.

Although she recovered in time to be released back to her home in central Russia, she began displaying behavioural problems and was sent to a Russian animal hospital.

It has since been reported that doctors have performed a major operation on the dog to insert a new, titanium plate in her spine and insert nine new prosthetic legs.

The surprising turnaround is being lauded by some who see the pup’s luck as a bright light in a harsh and often abusive dog world.

Monika has since been spotted walking around by nature walkers and began taking her first tentative steps a few weeks ago.

The organisation that brought her in is called the Corriente Animals Foundation.

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