Paul Rudd describes secret to staying young — is it like sneaking into a friend’s world?

Actor Paul Rudd has revealed how he has what he calls a “process for staying young.” Rudd, who has played two of the characters Dr. Matt Damon’s is in The Bourne Identity and 2012’s The Avengers, joked that his youthful appearance was thanks to “having lots of young, talented friends around.” During an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show this week, the 51-year-old, who has been married to fashion designer Julie Yaeger since 1989, let slip how he would keep his youthful looks. “You actually have a process, right? It’s an evolutionary thing. It’s kind of like trying to attract other young sexy people that you could possibly become friends with?” he explained. “I’m, like, here to star with you or something, if you can get an audience with. I am trying to avoid being in other people’s circles,” Rudd continued, noting that he was more interested in his own artistic circles and friends in his 50s.

“Like, ‘I’m still an angel, but I get this look a little bit and I don’t want that anymore,’” he said. “And like I say, the world’s a very, very small place.” Rudd added that the secret to making friends with a younger generation was “sincerity.” “The biggest secret of the world, guys, the true thing — sincere is the hardest thing to obtain and the first rule of youth and all that. That’s the worst curse of youth,” he said. “Most of our friends are outside our adult culture.”


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