Ontario police investigate man shot dead after week-long manhunt

Officers go house to house after resident is found dead with apparent stab wounds

Homicide officers have taken over the investigation as a man who was shot in a house in Brampton, Ont., last week died from his injuries.

Police said in a statement Monday that an autopsy carried out on the man showed “no suspicious injuries”. The victim, who has not been identified, died on Sunday night.

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Police, as well as firefighters, were called to the home in the 3200 block of Callan Drive, east of Silver Avenue in the city’s north-east, at around 2am local time last Wednesday.

The victim suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital in serious condition, but died after being released on Thursday morning.

Brampton Police have been in the unusual position of conducting an investigation into a murder case.

According to spokesman Jake Scarlett, officers went door to door, knocking on doors to speak with witnesses and residents to solicit additional information about the crime.

Scarlett said that in some cases residents were prepared to talk with officers but weren’t comfortable sharing what they knew, so they were offered counselling.

He said that this type of investigation is unusual for his department, which he described as a “highly professional police force”.

“For us it is traumatic, it is really difficult,” he said. “Every death in this country is traumatic, but when it’s a homicide, it’s complicated – you have witnesses, you have investigators, you have evidence, you have things you need to know.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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