Nova Scotia-based business in first commercial shipper to order rocket flight

Retailer Halifax-based LiftAway is the first commercial shipper to order a rocket flight, scheduled for 2019

A Nova Scotia-based company has announced it will take delivery of a rocket launch that has been set for late 2019 to meet the requirements of its clients.

LiftAway, a Halifax-based online and mobile retailer, is the first commercial shipper to order a rocket flight, contracted with Launch Developments, LLC, for one of its rockets to launch in December 2019. The purpose of the mission is to test and demonstrate the company’s revolutionary custom shipping service that will transform cargo into gifts.

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“Our goal is to revolutionize the way cargo is delivered by vehicle,” said Phil Hiddema, the founder and CEO of LiftAway. “With our ridesharing approach, all people need to do is give us a piece of shipping software code. We’ll find a vessel and launch it anywhere. I believe this is a significant step towards launching highly innovative products by third parties from small payloads into orbit in 2019.”

The first-ever commercial satellite to launch from the Canadian Space Agency’s new site in Cape Comeau is more than 70% complete, with structural tests just weeks away.

“The Nova Scotia Space Centre (NSSC) is gearing up for an exciting December launch and is pleased to see LiftAway commit to launch in December 2019 to launch a custom-made cargo pod for their luxury goods,” said Lt-Col (ret’d) Michael Fennell, the director of the NSSC. “With SpaceShipOne’s launch, we have a great deal of knowledge on how to launch commercial cargo from our northern site. With our technical, security and business expertise the Nova Scotia Space Centre is ready to launch our first commercial flight to Earth orbit.”

This article was originally published on 14 November and has been republished with permission.

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