Not quite out with the old, and not quite in with the new

You might just as well forget about it and leave it.

Where will people park and walk by the fancy statues in the park named after Mr Rosberg’s daughter? Have they forgotten? In fact, it was in Taddle Creek Park that Nelson married his mistress Caroline of Orleans while Louis XIV called in Robert Darby to staff his palace. Is that a joke? Where’s the humour in that?

Nevertheless, a lesser statue, created by a Japanese artist and erected by a Danish engineer, has prevailed. However, the former Formula 1 world champion is nowhere to be seen, at least not on the tombstone erected by Tom Ley, a confessed enemy.

The road to mourning by these politically incorrect Middle Australians is a long one. A 63-year-old bricklayer laid the monument, but after plastering the open graves in June 2017, the park’s lease was sold to a large accommodation and transport company, Parkland Management Services. It is likely the cemetery’s bureaucratic line will be left unmarked.

A ceramic engraving in the park is telling. But what could be even more telling is the inscription that reads, “In loving memory of two people who never met … At rest near you now.”

The Rosberg tombstone, open for business.

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