Nigerian police admit to killing woman on bus in order to collect her toll

In April of last year, it was reported that a teenager in Lagos, Nigeria, had died at the Lekki toll gate while trying to get on a bus. The woman who drove the bus she was on died on account of the delay and rush to collect her fare, but the circumstances surrounding her death remained mysterious. Now, three months after Alhaja Musa Abdulazeez’s son, Charles, 17, died, authorities have released a preliminary report, admitting for the first time that a person fell into the wrong bus stop. Reuters reports that the woman’s husband, Atoyebi, is being blocked by family members and others who are angry about the report, which was only published after they had released a petition.

“For 12 months we have been asking questions and waiting for answers,” Atoyebi said. “The report is very insensitive. So we have brought lawyers to fight for the truth.” Abdulazeez said she was shown the document by police but a trip to Lagos State Police headquarters was not allowed for the family to verify its contents before it was published by the Nigerian press.

Read the full story at Huffington Post.


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