Lucid to open up Tesla factory to business tenants

Tesla bought Gigafactory One this year, acquiring a 700,000 square foot facility in Reno, Nevada to speed up building its new cars. Now the factory, which was built to house two million square feet of lithium ion battery manufacturing, is going to be opened up to tenants. The tech news website Electrek is reporting that mobile gaming developer Lucid could be moving into the factory after the deal between Lucasfilm and Lucid Cell to make a new drone takes place next week.

Lucid is a spin off of Ford, founded by former Ford executive Greg Raines who built a previous iPhone game as a startup. The company is hoping to capitalize on the profitable industry of car-game developers.

Lucid is one of the biggest Android market players and has a deal with the movie studio Warner Bros. to produce a franchise of “Star Wars” smartphone games. Lucasfilm is a holding company for Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, and Skywalker Sound, which has done the sound work for many of the most popular sci-fi, action and fantasy films. The company was founded by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and Donald Glover, who stars in the film as Lando Calrissian.

Lucid will hope that the Tesla manufacturing plant will help legitimize the upcoming products. The new product coming from Lucasfilm will be a drone set for the movie The Force Awakens. The drone is currently in testing, but hopefully will be released in production towards the end of 2018.

Lucid plans to launch two games simultaneously in June at the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

Lucasfilm is going to work with a number of developers to get their new projects off the ground. According to Electrek, NVIDIA is also partnering with Lucid Cell to optimize and make their products better for “Star Wars” games. Lucasfilm and Lucid have not released pricing for the products nor an exact release date, but Star Wars creator George Lucas’ recently issued an extension to Apple’s main security and secrecy monitoring service for more information about his projects.

Lucid’s currently is not the only entertainment company with game-related products. There are a number of companies that are either gaming related or make hardware or software that fit in the entertainment space. These companies are competing for space in the electronics market and to increase the companies’ and players’ total revenue for the multimedia market. This type of industry is full of recent and hotly-contested competition among the entertainment marketplaces. Samsung, HTC, the gaming company Nvidia, and Apple have all recently been making major moves to step into the gaming arena in a major way.

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