Liberal pastor gets called an effete foo-foo, starts dance party

A Lutheran pastor was called “not Christian” and “an effete foo-foo” by followers of God in attendance at his church’s annual “Let’s Go Brandon” celebration.

The rally is a staple at St. John Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas, and for the past 30 years, has included singing, food and a candidate pledge at the end of the hour-long church service.

The pledge had pastors, pastors, pastors taking turns asking for votes for candidates and friends. Dallas-based blogger Sarah Brown wrote that last year’s slogan: “You Vote for Me, and I Vote for You.”

The year before, a pastor put on the song Let’s Go Brandon, meaning the congregation was ready to go see Brandon, Texas. The message of Let’s Go Brandon includes “We will pray, we will be ready for Jesus.”

Two church members reacted angrily to the pastor’s decision to have a disco-style dance party with food, politics and the pledge at the end of the service, and that enraged many more followers. One of them told the Austin American-Statesman: “There’s no reason to play music. Jesus never danced.”

The pastor then announced the end of the service would be cancelled and a second, more traditional church service would be held instead.

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