Ford and Foxconn announce new partnership to make more parts in the U.S.

Ford and Foxconn announced Wednesday that they are forming a partnership to increase the volume of components used in Ford vehicles that are made in the United States.

“We’re committed to doing right by our customers, our partners and the American workforce,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s CEO, at a press conference. “By working with Foxconn to increase the volume of U.S.-made content in our products, this partnership will create thousands of good jobs for Americans and help to move America’s manufacturing sector forward.”

The partnership will focus initially on contract manufacturing of key systems for Ford’s F-150 pickup truck.

As the Times’ Michael Corkery reports, “The companies promise to identify common parts such as body panels and engine coolers that will be manufactured in each company’s facilities in the U.S. in large volumes.” The cost of the parts will then be reduced.

But after the contract manufacturing goes into effect in 2021, Foxconn would also try to use more U.S.-made components in its other automakers, including iPhones, auto parts and business products.

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