DEVELOPING STORY: Measles cases jump 7% worldwide to almost 39 million last year

The number of cases of measles worldwide jumped by almost 7 percent last year to more than 39 million, the World Health Organization reported on Monday, citing countries where the disease is spreading and more recent outbreaks in Europe and Asia.

Widespread surveillance covered measles outbreaks in 33 countries last year, the WHO said in its annual report, citing figures from the health agency’s global immunization monitoring system.

The number of measles cases worldwide decreased by 22 percent to nearly 38 million in 2015-2016 compared to the previous year, the WHO said, but the sharp drop may be due to improved surveillance.

New hotspots last year were registered in Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Brazil, Chad, Senegal, Israel, Portugal, Gambia, Austria, Denmark, Pakistan, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, France, France Guyana, Indonesia Australia, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Britain, Turkey Senegal, Germany Turkey, Denmark, South Africa France Brazil, Colombia Japan South Africa, Cambodia Vietnam India China Afghanistan France, Egypt Armenia Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia Pakistan Afghanistan, Georgia Vietnam Kenya Ghana South Africa Ghana Saudi Arabia Philippines The Maldives Mongolia, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines Spain Spain, Kenya Japan Brazil, Rwanda Sweden, Congo Republic, Peru, Estonia Uganda Angola Angola Malta India Bhutan Angola New Zealand Kenya Pakistan Zambia, Papua New Guinea Seychelles Netherlands Greece Greece Portugal Italy Canada France Chile Libya Uzbekistan, Korea, South Korea South Africa Kenya Kenya, Uzbekistan, Seychelles Macedonia, Germany Nepal, Nepal, Korea Angola Bahrain Saudi Arabia China Azerbaijan Bangladesh Japan Afghanistan Iran, India Egypt Somalia, Malawi, Nigeria, Seychelles Tanzania Turkmenistan Vietnam, France Libya Israel, Russia, UK Somalia, Kenya, China, United States, Tanzania South Africa, Tanzania Yemen, Turkey South Africa Iran, USA


…but there are few places where Ebola has been eliminated

Sep 2016: The number of cases of Ebola and related diseases has fallen significantly, a new survey has found.

Aug 2016: The disease that has killed more than 10,000 people in West Africa over the past decade has been eliminated in Sierra Leone and is very likely to be eliminated in Liberia and Guinea by June 2019, according to the latest UN agency tally.

Jan 2016: Ebola was once again known to have struck Mali, according to the latest health agency tally.

Nov 2016: An Ebola vaccine that has proved highly effective against the virus is being made available in several countries across Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

A WHO spokesman said the vaccine would be supplied at no cost.

(Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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