Climate Promises Made in Glasgow Now

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Climate Promises Made in Glasgow Now is a pledge-making initiative funded by the United Nations that provides hope for a future free of climate catastrophe. Here is the pledge-making checklist.

Climate Promises Made in Glasgow Now


1. To live within energy guidelines

2. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in local housing and other buildings by 8.3% by 2019

3. To promote “a green economy” that reaches 20% of the economy by 2030

4. To measure and report carbon emission reduction on an annual basis.

A handbag made from a recycled bicycle tyre in Glasgow. A handbag made from a recycled bicycle tyre in Glasgow.

5. To promote sustainable energy use

6. To source locally where possible

7. To create energy consumption, energy efficiency, and local food alternatives

8. To improve environmental and urban health outcomes

9. To harness new science and technology to develop renewable energy

10. To research, develop, and deploy renewable and smart-energy technologies

11. To reduce energy inequalities

12. To reduce air and water pollution

13. To connect communities

14. To reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and their environmental effects

15. To promote the sustainable development of our forests

The list is now complete with signatures from 1,544 people who live in Scotland. Here is what they have pledged:

a) Let each household do their own planting in order to produce 50+ leaves

b) Make a one-off donation to our schools

c) Let us join Greenpeace in pledge to cut carbon emission by 10%

d) Change lighting at our homes from high-carbon to LED

e) Embrace solar energy to produce 95% of our electricity

f) Turn down energy loads in our homes by 10%

g) Reduce the size of our cars to sub-500cc vehicles (with four-door vehicle with capacity to seat six)

h) Switch off our central heating when we leave homes

i) Eliminate second-hand car sales in the city centre

j) Teach our children to be responsible drivers

k) Visit our local councils and encourage them to set carbon emission reduction targets

l) Join us in educating our community about sustainability

m) Work with people with disabilities and physically challenged to provide ways to reduce their energy consumption

n) Be a “demand taker” in our economy and try to reduce any demand on our electricity and gas supplies

o) Explore renewable energy solutions

p) Encourage local schools to incorporate physical activities and study how to make a difference

r) Look at our building blocks – produce solar panels, fuel cells and methane gas

s) Explore how we can return back to solar or wind energy

Treat to see if Scotland can take part – sign the pledge here.

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