China State Media Slams Senator Tom Cotton’s ‘Political Tittle-Tattle’ on North Korea

Earlier this week, Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, urged China to use its influence over North Korea to force Kim Jong Un to change his mind and offer the leaders of his country to come to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Now, Chinese state media is taking exception to his remarks, labeling them “political rubbish.”

“[Cotton] aimed to hurt relations between North Korea and South Korea, because he ‘grew up with a love for the Olympic Games,’” a report published by the People’s Daily explained. “To engage the diplomatic channel in sports cooperation will not impair the political situation.” The article went on to bemoan North Korea’s continued support of “anti-Republic groups” and “anti-socialist disturbances” around the world and warned that “overthrowing the state system and building alternative is a reflection of the overall political danger to the North,” the state news service said.

For its part, the People’s Daily has stood by former President George W. Bush’s decision to boycott the Olympic games in China in 2008 over Beijing’s human rights policies.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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