Chicago Coffee Shop Remains Closed After Meeting Blamed on Discrimination

The CaféTO coffee house, located in Toronto’s financial district, will be transferred to the city in November as part of an effort to create a space for staff and people with disabilities to socialize in an area of the city that isn’t accessible to other businesses, the Globe and Mail reports.

The city council is currently debating a proposal to make the café permanent, according to the Globe and Mail.

CaféTO will be part of the city’s cultural district, which would eventually include other spaces for people with disabilities to socialize.

“The idea of having a little café that’s accessible and places like that, it seems natural,” the Globe and Mail reports Dany Ciccarelli, president of design firm Transform, said. “Having something like CaféTO is not a new idea. This is something I’ve seen do with social inclusion before.”

If the proposal is approved, CaféTO would remain open until next year.

The CBC reported that change in CafTO’s future comes after a disagreement between the CaféTO owner and the new owners of a building they’re occupying.

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