Armani accidentally leaves video camera in women’s changing room

A 21-year-old Toronto man has been charged with voyeurism after a model allegedly found a recording device in a change room at an Armani store on Queen Street West.

Police say the woman noticed something “awkward” in the camera display display while changing clothes in the store on Sunday. The woman alerted a manager and security and officers were called.

Officers searched the changing room and found a small video device with a recording lens inside. The device was taped into a drawer. The man allegedly had placed the device in the drawer and removed it without permission.

Police say the man has been charged with voyeurism.

Armani confirmed it had taken down the camera in question, but said it was stored on old personal gear and not part of its inventory.

In a statement to The Washington Post, the company said “Armani does not currently possess and is not aware of any devices of this type that are capable of recording or visual record. We removed the camera from the store immediately after the customer discovered its presence.”

The model and her lawyer have declined to comment.

In the United States, similar occurrences of surreptitious filming in dressing rooms have occurred. In May 2018, a 26-year-old porn star alleged that she found a camera hidden in the corner of a dressing room after a performance at an adult film convention. She was having trouble getting into the dressing room because there was a line. When she went into the dressing room to change into underwear, the camera was gone, but the skully had been left behind.

In 2011, Ashley Alexandra Dupre told The Post that she found a camera hidden inside a wall of dressing rooms during a photo shoot. Dupre was a star of “Girls Gone Wild” whose break-up with the company featured prominently in “Inside Edition.” She also appeared in the 2010 movie “Margin Call.”

In May 2017, a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” told Fox News that her mirror ball trophy was stolen after she had a hair styling appointment in a dressing room.

In 2017, The Post investigated an outbreak of videos of men in dressing rooms around the country. One voyeur found in a New York City department store reportedly posted photos and videos on Snapchat of men changing clothes. In another, men could be seen changing clothes while a person filmed them.

One video apparently filmed by a young man in California reportedly showed a female swimmer changing clothes in a public library bathroom.

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