A new road repair program that’s keeping Toronto’s streets in the city a mess

Story highlights Blythwood closed this week as repairs continue

But it should reopen by Thursday

Repairs are also underway at Montreal’s Papineau Park

Planning your commute to work or to visit the city? Consider getting there using public transportation.

If you drive in Toronto, you’re likely familiar with the plagues of potholes plaguing the city’s roads. New data from the City of Toronto and RoadsMap Canada indicate that the city’s roads ranked among the nation’s worst this year. The Canadian Tire Institute of Hydraulics and Orthopaedics also announced that road repairs in Toronto have been “overwhelmingly criticized.”

Even worse, these crumbling roads are affecting commuters’ and pedestrians’ lives. Tearing them up and putting them back together costs the city tens of millions of dollars, many of which go to private contractors, says Melinda Tennen, a spokesperson for the City of Toronto.

That’s why authorities have been going to extra lengths in recent months. For instance, the city recently reopened a streetcar line on Bloor Street in Downtown Toronto, which experienced construction-related vandalism for months. As a result, the daytime service on the route was relocated to weekends. But as a result of the vandalism, bike lanes on the popular road had to close until repairs could be completed.

Now it appears that work is finally underway at Bloor Street. This past Thursday, the city confirmed via Twitter that Bloor Street’s resurfacing project — which was complete and reopened earlier this year — is back open.

North of Toronto, repairs have been ongoing on a variety of stretches of road. Prior to shutting it down, RoadsMap Canada reported that a huge roadwork program, the largest in the city’s history, was underway on streets around Montreal’s Papineau Park. That’s where there are “bricks being dug up, milled and reinstalled with concrete instead of wood.”

These walkways are still closed to the public, but on May 3, Roadmap Canada reported that the concrete sidewalks were reopened in time for Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

On Sunday, the Montreal Gazette reported that the contractor hired to fix this roadwork project, the BMC Construction and Transport Group, discovered a problem that came back to bite it. Not only did that brick in the road have to be replaced, but parts of the sidewalk and road surrounding it had to be replaced, too.

That opened the door for “important repairs” that began on Monday, according to the Gazette. According to the same report, the city has confirmed that both the pedestrian plaza and four-lane roadway at Papineau Park will be done by Friday.

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