5 gadgets that need to come out before 2019

From landline and cell phones to streaming devices and other gadgets, 2019 is shaping up to be a record year for technology gift giving. But many of the year’s most anticipated new devices are still months from finally coming to the market, if they make it. And not every gadget comes in boxes, and some require a bit more work to assemble and carry. Which technology gifts should you try to buy before the year is out?

— Tori Richards, CNN

For the people who want a wearable, but fear needing to charge it frequently.

That’s what JSN Shipping recently found when it surveyed people before offering shipments to its clients. About a third of JSN clients have also fallen victim to load-forwarding scams in the past and at least 14.7 percent of those surveyed will be shipping to a store other than their own this year. “We were seeing product being fraudulently repackaged by stores and then repackaged by anyone,” said Jamie Yaroshevsky, JSN’s head of product development.

For the people who want “smart” home monitoring without needing to install smart devices.

JSN’s fellow newcomer to the booming market of smart home safety and security is Outdoor Monitoring’s Sky24. It’s billed as a one-person camera that can be mounted onto walls, a cup, or even an item on the bed. The camera is even waterproof, so it can stay on your bed even if you spill hot tea or coffee on it. It sells at Amazon, and the tracker kit that goes with it can be found at Amazon as well.

For the people who want to purchase larger televisions for themselves or a friend, but still need a home.

Switching out an old television for a new 4K model — and don’t know what that is — can feel like a monumental undertaking. So if you’re upgrading from a standard 1080p display, the trade-off could be easily missed.

SkyKomo, an emerging service from Twitter, which both acquires and delivers television content to its customers, makes that task far easier. Like Amazon, Switchers watch on an app on their phones, but can also watch TV on Apple TVs, Roku players, and Google Chromecast. Users can also access TV on the company’s website.

For the people who want live sports.

Like football, basketball, and hockey, sports are one of the top draws for TV. But sports broadcasts are increasingly streamed as well, making it harder to catch games where you live. There are a number of services that give you all of the channels you’d expect to get from local broadcasting — with local broadcasts piped in — but that still leave you wishing for more. But perhaps the best option is Sling TV, which gives you the sports channels plus a handful of other channels — but with access to just a fraction of live broadcast offerings.

For the people who want to buy the fastest wireless connection.

In the last year, most carriers have deployed fifth-generation networks known as 5G. But networks are still under development and people are going to have to wait until 2020 to truly take advantage of this.

But there’s hope. Lucent has brought its MillenialNet mobile network to four cities this year, and it’s bringing back some of the old-school mobile networks with millenial-only phone numbers — where the number is slightly longer for those between 18 and 35 years old. There’s also the prospect of other brands finding their way into this market, but Lucent seems to be the best place to start right now.

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